Clean buildings start with clean windows. This is the first impression to your staff and your clients alike and makes a huge difference to your image.

We want to help you make the right impression by providing the right type of window cleaning for your business as we are fully aware that not all clients require the same service. We will do this by visiting your site and creating a bespoke specification purely for our individual clients. We offer many different cleaning methods from the traditional (cradles, mechanical access machinery and abseiling) to the more modern and safer Reach and Wash systems, in order to ensure all windows, receive a thorough clean with the minimum of fuss.

All our window cleaning is subject to comprehensive site-specific Risk Assessments and Method Statements as part of our thorough Health & Safety site documentation. Health & Safety is always of paramount importance to us, ensuring that all current legislation, best practice, and safety procedures are followed.

  • High Rise Window Cleaning
  • Pure Water Cleaning

For external windows, we use ladder-less pure water cleaning methods. With the use of a telescopic pole, this reduces the risk of fall and injury to operatives and passers-by as well as increasing cleaning productivity.

This method is not only more cost effective, but it also benefits the environment as the system uses no harmful chemicals.

Natural water is extremely polluted. As like in the ocean, it contains lots of dissolved minerals which gives it the salty taste. When we remove 100% of these impurities and scrub a window the water literally sucks the dirt from the surface and into the water, therefore we don’t need to use chemicals.

  • Once the dirt has been removed from the glass with the aid of a brush we simply rinse the window and leave to dry! “No More Squeegees”. Because there are no impurities in our water, the window dries crystal clear without a spot or streak in sight.
  • Work without chemicals saving money and helping the environment.
  • Work Safely from the ground! No more Ladders and Reduce insurance costs.
  • Work Faster! This way we can clean up to 65% faster than traditional methods.
  • Cleans more than just glass, cleans frames, shop signs and fascia’s, cladding and much more.
  • Cleans solar panels. Your investment needs to be protected and when cleaned regularly, can increase the solar yield of the panels.
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