Livingston Cleaning Services has a wide range of experience in contract cleaning. These areas include but are not limited to offices of all sizes, warehouses, and factories. We believe in offering our clients a bespoke, hassle free personal service at an excellent value.

All our clients are treated as individuals and we offer them a service that best suits their requirements and not a generic approach as many other service providers do. We create a bespoke service specification by listening to what the client needs and wants. This will ensure that they get the best service at an excellent value.

Unlike other cleaning companies who just provide a standard service such as desk cleaning and bin emptying. Livingston Cleaning Services believes in going one step further by keeping your business premises looking at their best for you and your visitors, “remember first impressions count”. We also believe that a clean premise will make the employees enjoy their workplace and be happier at work.

On larger sites, we aim to use a flow cleaning system so we can keep our costs as low as possible. Ask us about flow cleaning in your business.

All our employees are fully-trained and security-vetted to ensure that every job is approached with excellence and care and passion, regardless of scale.

Our motivated, proactive cleaners and supervisors will ensure that all areas of your business are kept tidy, preparing meeting rooms and reception areas for the next day with care and attentiveness.

We recognize the differing requirement of all businesses and their different processes and procedures to carry out their day to day business.  Our management and supervision team structure has been built so that each client has the correct level of support to ensure that our high standards are being met and our clients receive the highest level of service.

Technology plays an important role in the way we manage and report on our services.  We are keen to change the industry standards for the better, we use some key technology applications which are an intrinsic part of our management controls these are:

  • Visual Time Management – This is by no means new it is widely used in home care originations to log visit times at a customer’s home, we have just edited it to suit our needs.  Our cleaner would use the clients phone to call (local rate number) into our system and clock in and out by leaving a voicemail.  We would then use our visual voicemail match up the telephone numbers on our system and log the start and finishing times of the cleaner, this provides us with several benefits from time management, lone working safety and ensuring that our clients businesses have been provided with a cleaner.
  • Email Reporting – We like to save paper and costs so our reporting is done via email and produced monthly or at an agreed time with our clients.

We also offer a deep clean service of less accessible spaces and high levels.

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